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The choice to produce Italian Classical Guitars stems from my passion for the Italian luthier history and intends to bring back to life those construction characteristics typical of the instruments of our country.

The reference period is the one that goes from the second half of the 18th century to the first decades of the 1900s, that is just before the arrival of the Spanish guitar on our territory.

Therefore not being copies of existing instruments of that time, but new instruments, freely inspired by the candor of the style of the past historical period, I take inspiration from our guitar of the time .

Finally, I evaluate a "possible" philological line leaving out the influence of the Spanish model, which determined the end of the stylistic line of the Italian guitar.

The construction criteria of these guitars are such as to make them very different from the Spanish classics, in shape, size, construction techniques, wood used, paint, vibrating length, tuning fork and consequently sound emission.

The main construction differences are:

  • a smaller case, from 440 mm to 460 mm in length, resulting in a vibrating length from about 610 mm to about 630 mm.
  • "V" coupling on the headstock and dovetail on the nock, which has the shape of a half moon.
  • less marked “eight” shape, wider waist, less pronounced hips and lower bands.
  • flat bottom. (rounded on request)
  • Harmonic top with base chaining with three transverse chains.


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