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I was born in Cremona in 1966 and became fascinated by the art of violin making already in youth.

Therefore I requented regularly several violin makers ateliers, watching the masters at work and even many times I went to the Civic Museum of Cremona to admire the beautiful masterpieces of the famous violin makers.

After University Studies I achieved the status of Doctor Agronomist, and worked for more then ten years in the field of consulting while my interest for violin making was increasing year afteryear.

I decided to practice violin making with the crucial support of the following masters violin makers: first I went to Massimo Negroni shop’s and than to Bissolotti and his Son’s . I  also succeeded to be admitted directly to the 3rd of a five years course at the world wide well-known international violin making school in Cremona (IPIALL A. Stradivari ). In 2006  I got the Title of Bowmaker after I went to a couse where Lucchi Giovanni was the teacher, I also went to masterclass for set up by Guy Rabut in Parma and I am part of the group of violinmaker of cultural distruct of violinaking in Cremona http://www.culturaldistrictcremona.it/

I mostly uses alcool-base varnish, the colour varies from amber to red-orange on a golden base but I also used oil-base varnish as well.

In 2005 I made the proposal to the Municipality of Cremona to implement the Varnish Museum basing the project on the book, “Farmacopea Augustana 1734”, found in a ancient pharmacy in Cremona. Since 2007 in the Natural Sciences Museum of Cremona you can visit the room where you can find the most used varnish components with the description by Maestro Massimo Negroni.

The instruments I made belong to musicians, teachers and students in Italy, Taiwan, USA,Canada, Japan, Austria and also to Conservatories where they chosen my violins and cello in Bolzano and Novara.

The production comprises of violins ,violas, cellos.-



Cello Diego Tajè not available


Cello inspired to Piatti Strad Diego Tajè made in Cremona 2020

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tavola-cello-piatti-2020 tavola-cello-piatti-2020 riccio-cello-piatti-2020
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Cello Inspired Giuseppe Guarneri 2020 Diego Tajè Cremona

Spruce was from Val di Fiemme and maple from Balkan. The cello 738mm was inspired to the Francesco Guarneri you can see in Violin Museum in Cremona



violin Diego Tajè made under the disipline of Francesco Bissolotti 2006

The violin was built by me under the disipline of Francesco Bissolotti in 2006.



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