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Liuteria shop is a small growing company that has the purpose of spread  its name in the violinmaking world through the production and sell of violinmaking's items created from the experience of Monica Morassi and Antonio Rapaccioli.

Our articles ar related to the world of professional violinmaking but also to musicians and to those who build stringed instruments as a hobby or for passion.

We deal with specialized and generic equipment, accessories both simple and from the best brands, wood for all needs, strings fromthe best houses, resins, wood powders, glues, etc..everythingnecessary for violinmakers and bowmakers. We have e wideselection of itemsand we are committed to maintaining our catalog plenty of products and quality to meet all costumer needs. A lot of items are produced diredctly by us and were designed directly by the Gio Batta Morassi that we need to thank  for his great contribution to italian violinmaking: an example in this respect  are our brass planes that are produced by casting according to he design made by the Master Morassiin the 70s, and than hand finished. All production is italian hight quality from beginning to the end. The fir comes directly from Val Canale area where Master Morassi has always inspected and selected it personally for his instruments; maple cames from Bosnia; best pieces are trasformed into board Bottoms and handles directly in Italy and seasoned open air. We have recently opened our store located in Cremona city centre, Via Aselli n.11. This year Mondomusica fair will take place virtually, so we will be our pleasure to meet you at our shop, with special opening on weekends (26-27September) from 9:00 to 12:30 and  from 15:00 to 18:00.

Veritas - Pialla Block Plane Low Angle Blade PMV-11

address Via Gaspare Aselli, 11 - 26100 CREMONA (CR) - IT
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