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Edgar Russ Master Violinmaker in Cremona

Lutherie of the highest level as a mission of life

Master Edgar Russ with almost 40 years of experience has achieved a complete mastery of the art of violin making. In each of his instruments you can see the perfect harmony between competence and artistic sensitivity. His violins, violas, cellos and double basses are internationally known. Their value increases over time, making Edgar Russ one of the most refined luthiers in the world.

At the age of 17, Edgar Russ moved to Cremona, Italy, to attend the renowned international school “Antonio Stradivari”, learning from the most known masters. After an initial work experience in Cremona, the young luthier decided to leave for the United States to broaden and deepen the knowledge acquired in Italy regarding the construction of arc instruments. 

In 1990 Maestro Russ opened his first workshop in Via Plasio in Cremona, he then moved to a new space after ten years that would better represent his personality and creative soul. The laboratory is still located in the historic centre of Cremona in Via Mauro Macchi. 

Since 2017 Edgar Russ has been a member of the board of directors of the Consortium “A. Stradivari”, where he shares his experience with his other colleagues.


Master Instruments

For his instruments, Edgar Russ draws inspiration from the models of the great masters such as Stradivari, Guarneri, Testore, Montagnana, Bergonzi and Sgarabotto. Each instrument is a unique piece with an ideal combination of response, timbre and acoustic power. 

All Master Instruments come with two certificates: Master violin maker Edgar Russ’ personal certificate
Consortium “Antonio Stradivari” aka “Marchio” certificate. 


Macchi Line 

For the creation of these instruments, Master Edgar Russ woks together with highly qualified and skilled luthiers. They create the instrument’s top, ribs, back and scroll.

Afterwards, the Maestro focuses on the parts and passages that present the greatest difficulty: the thickness, the bass bar, the shape of the fingerboard, the neck and its ideal position, as well as the perfect setting for each individual instrument, creating ideal instruments for advanced students and professional musicians.


Scala Perfetta

To achieve affordable quality string instruments, violin-maker Edgar Russ collaborates with selected laboratories throughout Europe. Once he receives the blank instruments, they are carefully checked, retouched, prepared, varnished and assembled as required. 

The workshop team takes all the necessary care in order to provide you with an easy to play instrument for beginners, or a second/travel instrument. 


Other products made by Master Edgar Russ

The first parfume of Cremona luthiery for men and women: http://www.violinfragrance.com/

A Patreon channel to share specific information for the construction of arc instruments and recipes for their varnishing: https://www.patreon.com/edgarrussviolinmaker

A YouTube channel where the Master uploads video in which he deepens every detail on the construction of arc instruments: https://www.youtube.com/user/EdgarERuss

A configurator to set up and mail directly to the Master your ideal instrument: https://www.violincellomaker.com/configurator/

Violin Edgar Russ, Guarneri del Gesù "Sainton"

Welcome to my virtual MondoMusica showcase!

I am showing you here my last copy of the famous Guarneri “Sainton”, because it reflects very well my work.

Apparently rough, as the original made by the Great Cremonese Master in 1744, It has a distinct sound full of character because of invisible precision.

Take a tour in my web shop to look and listen



Violin Edgar Russ Edith Steinbauer 2013

For those who search a powerful sounding violin which at the same time is full of harmonics, I am offering you here a violin which I made in 2013. It’s sound is superb as we all know it from the best violins made by Antonio Stradivari. This violin has already a nice story to tell. Look and Listen here in my we shop.
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Looking for the perfect Viola?

Welcome here at my workshop.

Many musicians worldwide are playing my viola which I have constructed here in Cremona.

Search among the ones which I have in my only shop:

you can take a look and listen to them.






Here a Linea Macchi cello which is made under my supervision here in my workshop.

Visit my web shop where you can look and listen.







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