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Master Luthier Mathijs A. HEYLIGERS in Cremona since 1975 following the classical tradition of violin making.

The workshop of master luthier Heyligers is located in the historical centre of Cremona, few steps from the new Violin Museum. M° Heyligers makes new instruments 'on comission' for the demanding musician. He uses highly seasoned materials (op to 150 years) and carefully developed models. The result is a rich and powerful sound, similar to that of antique instruments. The work is carried out exclusively by hand, he uses an oil-varnish on antique recipe. Furthermore M° Heyligers dedicates much time to restoring antique instruments and transforming baroque instruments.

‘Heyligers Violin House’ – Piazzetta San Pantaleone n.6 – 26100 Cremona – Italia (only by appointment)



Live from the Auditorium of the Violin Museum on saturday 26 september at 12.15:
Speed-Date concert with ‘Heyligers’ instruments

M° C. SISKOVIC plays a Stradivari model ‘Heyligers’ violin
M° A. BARILLI plays a A.&H. Amati model ‘Heyligers’ viola

During a 30 min live recording from the Violin Museum Auditorium M° Heyligers illustrates these 2 instruments, after which M° Siskovic performs music by Tartini and M° Barilli performs music by Britten to highlight the acoustical qualities.

Follow the event live on streaming: Link

Later on this Speed-Date will also be available in streaming through Heyligers virtual showcase.

Curriculum Vitae Maestro Heyligers - ITA Curriculum Vitae Maestro Heyligers - ENG Stefan Pop plays Bach on his Heyligers Violin

Music comes alive through the instruments of master luthier Heyligers

This artistic impression was made by the owner of his 'Heyligers Master Cello' to highlight the creativity and joy experienced while playing this instrument. The Cello was made on a M. Goffriller model with a full and rich sound.








Violin 'M. A. Heyligers op.262 Cremona 2020' model A. Stradivari

On the video 'Watching me at work' you can see some stages of the making and final sound-check of this violin. I have used precious highly seasoned materials for this violin and an oil varnish on antique recipe. The sound is rich, warm and powerful.





Viola Tenore 'M. A. Heyligers op.257 Cremona 2016' model A. & H. Amati

This big-size Viola (bodylength 45cm - 17 3/4inch) was made on the model of the original Tenor Viola by Antonio & Hieronimo Amati of 1592, at present in Oxford. A very acurate choice of highly seasoned materials and distribution of the weight (for a perfect balance) make this instrument particularly easy to play. The sound is very powerful and it responds immediately under the bow. It is the perfect instrument for the demanding Violist looking for an outstanding sound. This instrument comes with a luxury Musafia violacase made to fit.





Watching me at work..


The making of my violin opus 262 in Cremona during the 2020 lockdown due to Covid-19



Commenting a 'Heyligers' Master Violin

Spanish violinist Stefan Pop tells his experience with his 'Heyligers' Master Violin



The sound of a 'Heyligers' baroque violin

Australian violinist Shaun Lee Chen plays the 'Spring' Sonata by  Beethoven on his 'Heyligers' baroque violin copy 'Amati'


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