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Every instrument that comes from the expert hands of the Master Violinmaker Stefano Trabucchi is the result of art, study, high dexterity and a lot of passion.Since 1992 Maestro Trabucchi works in his workshop in the center of Cremona, a few steps from the Violin Museum.The city is recognized as the world capital of violin making where knowledge is intertwined in a unique way.The fame and popularity of Maestro Trabucchi are now consolidated all over the world. His violins, violas, cellos are built entirely by hand following the knowledge and techniques of the ancient violin makers of Cremona.The choice of wood is fundamental for the beginning of a great instrument; wood that is aged for more than 10 years.The life of each instrument begins from the choice of wood until it reaches the painting and the tuning of the sound.Maestro Trabucchi plays important roles in the world of violin making in Cremona, taking part as a leader in various associations and various scientific committees.


Violin Model Antonio Stradivari 1705

Violin made in Cremona this year with a favolous two piece back, with deep, regular and medium large flamed.
I bought this wood in 2006 from a selected Bosnian company.
The top is made with Italian red spruce from Val di Fiemme.



This violin is made with beautiful one piece with large and deep flamed The top is made with italian red spruce, from val di fiemme. The violin is fittings with bogaro&clemente boxwood accessories ,with personalized logo.


Violin made in cremona year 2020,before lockdown in my workshop. This violin is made with a huge one piece back with tight and deep crazy flamed. This maple is seasoned more than 10 year in my stock. The top is made with italian red spruce.


Viola cm 41( body length) with a one piece back in slab cut, with deep and irregular flamed. Maple from Bosnia.
Top is made in Italian spruce from Val di Fiemme.
Both top and back ,are seasoned more than 15 years.

Cello based on  Domenico Montagnana 1740 model

Cello based on  Domenico Montagnana 1740 model. It is not the usual Montagnana model, very large, but a more slender model both in the upper part and in the central part. Constructed using a one piece back of exceptional slab cut, with "cloud" and deep flamed .

The top is made with red spruce from Val di Fiemme with regular medium-large grain. Alcohol varnish, transparent brown orange color.

address Via Bella Rocca, 14 - 26100 Cremona (CR) - IT
phone 0039 0372 461136
mobile +393384727417
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