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HANDMADE is a word that can be used more and more seldom.Yet in Copenhagen lies a company that upholds a tradition for world-class handmade strings for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

About 1950 Danish cellist Jarl Hansen wanted more from his cello than gut strings could provide. As a member of the Royal Danish Opera Orchestra he became increasingly interested in string quality and sound, and for years he experimented in his spare time – until 1956, when he was ready to start his own company, Jargar Strings.
What Jarl Hansen developed was a steel core based string, wound with thin threads of pure or alloyed metal. These new strings had a warm and brilliant tone and furthermore much greater stability, durability and strength than gut strings. These qualities quickly made Jargar strings highly popular throughout the classical music world and still Jargar provides musicians around the world with handmade, powerful and uniquely  responsive strings.

At Jargar we have no string industry. We practice string craft. Our skilled stringmakers each finish about 60 perfect strings a day with care, dedication and professional pride to produce the unique and characteristic warm and brilliant sound of our strings.

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Viola Superior

In this current age where the demand of power to project sound from stage to audience is bigger than ever, you now have a new string solution – Viola Superior. The set gives you extra range to sink in without breaking the sound. It gives you the possibility to hear yourself even while playing soft. The sound is clear, concentrated and strong, and the pitch is easy to detect under the orchestra playing which makes it easier to adjust. The set offers a palette of sound. You have the flexibility of a synthetic core string, as well as the warmth and sweetness of gut strings. The strings are balanced top to bottom, on large and small violas. The set feels soft and easy for the left hand. The strings have a quick response and good left hand playability. It is very easy to mold the sound from the smallest PPP to a full blown FFF. All in all, you get a perfect set for orchestra, chamber music and solo playing.


Violin Superior

For those who demand the very highest standards in sound quality, performance and reliability – whatever
the conditions demand. The new Superior synthetic core strings for violin usher a new era at Jargar. Now, Jargar can offer a topnotch choice for professional musicians playing everything from Solo to Orchestra to Chamber Music and much more.

The Jargar Superior Violin strings deliver a superb sound quality whatever the performing conditions. The
warmth and colour is a truly extraordinary blend resulting in a fantastic natural violin sound. It allows you to
explore all creative possibilities of a piece of music.

What you hear with the instrument close to your ear is quite different from the sound that the audience
hears from a distance. Every audience can enjoy a full sound with the combination of a unique core
technology and carefully selected winding materials.

All four strings merge together in a remarkable symphony of balance. Thanks to the synthetic core for A, D
and G the strings are not only well-balanced. At the same time the strings also provide a soft left hand

The strings are to play with ease and have a quick response. Especially soft notes have a fantastic clarity
without to use a lot of bow pressure.


Cello Superior

The Superior set sound warm, round and powerful from the first second after winding up the strings. They
are very well balanced and rich in overtones. They support full forte and deep piano colors and they are very
projecting and responsive. Superior strings are perfect for chamber music, orchestral playing and solos. The
strings are very long-lasting which make them one of the best price-performance ratio in the market. The G
and C strings have a very powerful sound.

With the A and D Superior you have the traditional warm and rich Jargar sound but more of it compared to
the Classic A and D. The G and C strings have been created to match the more powerful sound of the
Superior A and D. All in all you have a very well balanced set.


Double bass Classic

The strings produce a warm, big and well-balanced tone and they have a very good projection on high frequencies. They have a very homogeneous sound in all the bass positions. Harmonic sound is easy to make and the tuning of the strings is very stable. The dolce strings can be tuned for solo playing, while the forte and medium strings can only be used for orchestra tuning which make the strings very versatile in use.


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