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Fascinated by the stylistic, geometric and acoustic perfection of the instruments, he begins his luthier career at the school of violin making "Liutaio ed Archettaio" in Gubbio, where he studies from 2001 to 2004.

 Having decided to deepen his knowledge, he consolidates the construction techniques, and grows passionate for the art of restoration while at the "Violin Making and Repair School" in Newark (Great Britain) during the years 2005-2007.

 After his graduation he had the opportunity for several work experiences abroad, like a workshop experience in Hans Weisshaar in Los Angeles  

 In 2008 he arrives in Cremona, where he collaborates with several ‘workshops’, developing further his own style inspired by the great violin makers of the past, and by the construction method based on the Golden Section.

 In 2015 he opens his own business in Cremona

 In 2017 he collaborated with the Museo del Violino of Cremona, to the realization of the path for the blind and visually impaired person on the construction of stringed instruments.

 In 2018  start a collaboration with Pierre Bohr begins on a restoration project on a viol from Ventura Linarol.

 n 2018 he won a medal for his antique Viola at the


In 2019 he started teaching restoration at the CrForma school in Cremona.

Violino Cremona 2020


Violino ispirato ad Antonio Stradivari (1644 –1737) del 1716.

Realizzato a Cremona nell’ anno 2020.

Vernice cotta personalmente ad olio di lino ed ambra.


Viola Cremona 2018


Viola ispirata al modello Brothers Amati.

Realizzato a Cremona nell’ anno 2018.

Vernice antichizzata ad olio di lino ed ambra.


Violoncello Cremona 2019


Violoncello ispirato al modello Guarneri.

Realizzato a Cremona nell’ anno 2019.

Vernice cotta personalmente ad olio di lino ed ambra.


Manuel Di Landa

“In my workshop, located in via Vescovo Sicardo n° 12, I often have the opportunity to restore antique musical instruments. This allows me to better understand the method of construction used by the old Masters, and influences the construction of my instruments which are the result of continuous acoustic and stylistic research.”


address Via Vescovo Sicardo, 12 - 26100 Cremona (CR) - IT
mobile 0039 349 6973572
email Manuel Di Landa - manuel.diland@gmail.com
Facebook facebook.com/violins.dilanda.3
web-site dilandaviolins.com


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