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We are one of the largest and professional bow hair manufactures in China. With over 40 years experience in this area. We have a stable supply system and good after-service. Now we have 35 workers, nearly 8 tons annual output. Currently our products are being exported worldwide, benefiting customers from Europe, North America, Canada and Asia, and received a worldwide favor from musical wholesaler, bow maker, musicians and music lovers. Our slogan is “ BETTER BOW HAIR, BETTER SOUND”. We believe you can make a professional bow with our professional horse hair.

Slides Bow Buttons Frogs Platinum Level bow hair Black Bow hair Bow hair Hank Diamond Level Bow hair

address No.100 SuWei Road, WeiTang Town - 215134 Suzhou - CN
phone 0086 15 00 6136 882
email Lavender Wang -


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